Image Size | Image Quality

We can accept most digital formats to print. However, follow these requirements for the best possible printing of your image:

  • Include a digital image that is saved as a *jpg, *eps, *psd, print-quality *pdf or any format for use with Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Make sure images are saved to a size of at least 3" x 5" (or 360 x 600 pixels at 120 dpi) and resolution of at least 120 dpi (dots per inch) up to 300 dpi.
  • Files that are at least 1 MB are likely to print well.
  • Remember that images on social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) often are compressed and may not print well. Our design team may contact you for another image if there are any concerns.

Image Edits & Cropping

Please let our graphic designers do any edits to ensure the best possible photo print. You are welcome to include instructions on your order notes if there are parts of the picture you wish to include or omit, but please do not crop and edit the pictures prior to sending them with your order.

Our designers are happy to make adjustments at your request, including retouching to remove minor issues like pimples or injury-related blemishes, correct red eye, remove a background, or adjust the photo color to be monotone, black-and-white or sepia. Simply include these requests with your order notes.

Image Copyrights

We are happy to print any picture that you have permission to use. We respect the protection included within the legal rights of the image owners, whether a company or an individual artist or photographer. Should we find a concern, we will contact you for additional information as needed.

We accept most file types. Image sizes of 3x5 to 8x10 with a resolution of 150 – 300 dpi generally print well. For the best quality we suggest 1MB or larger. Most photo programs allow you to right click an image to see the properties. When sending images from your mobile device, send the largest file possible. Images retrieved from websites, such as Facebook, are often compressed and may be too small for a quality print. If necessary, our design team may request a new image to make your items look more fabulous.