Brown Candy

Richer than your grandma’s molasses with the indulgence of creamy caramel goodness, Just Candy elevates the hallmark color of confectionary decadence with our selection of brown colored candies, chocolates, sweets, and treats. Choose from creative outdoor confectionary themes, like our animal print buttermint wrappings and earthy color-couplings. Our brown colored candies are the perfect addition to give a sweet seasonal thanks this Thanksgiving, or to sweetly celebrate falling into the autumn season. Get sporty with our football-foiled chocolates for your game-themed get-togethers, and don't forget to brown-bag some brown candies for your party favors and gift bags. If you want to get classic, go coated in cocoa with our wide selection of luscious chocolatey treats, all deliciously, decadently candy-colored in brown and available to order in bulk.

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