Peppermint Patties

Custom peppermint patties add a sweet touch to any wedding reception. Crisp peppermint drenched in chocolate makes a great post-meal treat. And to up the cuteness factor, our selection of peppermint patties are not only individually wrapped in elegant silver foil, but are also personalized with a custom candy sticker. With Just Candy, you can create your own custom candy sticker and apply them to the bottom of your candy party favors. Create different sticker designs to match the theme of your wedding, and include a picture of the bride and groom to-be. As importantly, add any message you'd like to your peppermint patty stickers. Custom peppermint patties will add a personal touch to any candy buffet, dessert table, or serve as a sweet reminder in party favors for your guests to cherish long after the celebration is over. Just Candy has your candy needs covered, so you can make your wedding even sweeter.

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