Gold Candy

All that glitters isn't gold, but all that’s gold is delicious with Just Candy gold colored candies. And for the record, we can make your gold candies glitter, too, with our shimmering sixlets and gumballs to bring the bling to your parties, events, gifts and most special occasions. Because who doesn't want to have their gold and eat it too? We know that we do, and know that you, your friends & your guests should, too. Shop Just Candy gold candies to find golden foiled chocolate confections, like classic Reese's peanut butter cups and foiled milk & dark chocolate hearts and balls. And there's more gold where that came from. We carry delicious golden swirly and twirly pops, truffles, buttermints, gems and much more to bring unforgettable shine to your most treasured occasions. Consider Just Candy gold colored candy the best fool’s gold around. It feels like gold, looks like gold, shines like gold, but tastes... delicious!

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