Giant Candy

What's better than candy? Giant candy, of course! Everyone loves giant food, especially when it's candy made 1,000 times bigger than the original. Lucky for you, Just Candy carries a wide selection of extra large candy to make any occasion sweeter–way sweeter. With novelties like the world's biggest candy necklace, our oversized candy confections are equally big in size as they are in flavor. And because you're not going to eat a whopping 5 pound chocolate bar by yourself (we hope!), king-sized candy was practically made for adding a humorous touch to any birthday, holiday event, or themed party. For your next candy-themed party, compliment your giant candy DIY decorations with the real deal. Really, the possibilities are endless, and delicious. So for your next event, prepare whatever part of your body handles excess sugar (the endocrine system, maybe?) and shop giant candy at Just Candy.

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