Sure, Oreos might be milk’s favorite cookie, but an Oreo’s favorite pastime is taking a dip in rich Belgian chocolate. (And we hear milk is getting a little jealous.) We have a mouth-watering selection of chocolate dipped Oreo cookies at Just Candy. These cookies, each individually wrapped in a variety of vibrant foil covers to match any party or event theme, are perfect for birthday parties, holiday parties, for use as party favors, accents for place settings, as thank you gifts, or as part of a wedding candy buffet or candy table. Dipped in silky, creamy chocolate these cookies are so delicious it’s almost impossible to have just one. In fact, they're so good they just might turn you and your guests into cookie monsters...but hopefully without making as big a mess. Show your friends, family, and coworkers that you're a perfect party planner, with chocolate covered cookies from Just Candy.

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